A change of focus

Hi everyone! 

This is a very quick and more of a reflective post to explain some of the changes I’ll be making to my blog in a few weeks time. 

When I first started this blog, I didn’t really have a clear direction of what to do with it – I knew I just wanted to practice my writing and that was all. I don’t recommend this approach, and here’s why:

  • I didn’t have a flow. Most blogs follow a specific theme or focus to talk about, with individual sections being closely related. Mine wasn’t and it seemed too random. 
  • I didn’t establish a style.  Many of my posts were on completely unrelated topics and too far in between for me to practice writing regularly on a familiar area. 
  • I didn’t know what was coming next. Each post I made was individually researched whenever I had the time to write, instead of forming a coherent string of posts. This is fine if you can manage it and organise each collection of posts around a certain topic, but this quickly got too time consuming for me. 

So I’ll still be writing, but my main focus from now on will be to bring in the other skills I’m learning about in my MSc, namely creating videos. I hope to have a fully functioning YouTube channel soon with some fun and simple science experiments to do at home and in the classroom. 

Why experiments? 

From my schools outreach work I’ve been developing a lot of my presenting skills and also have lots of ideas for experiments that I’d like to share with a wider audience. I also would like more presenting experience in general, and this will help me evidence that on social media. 

Thanks for reading this if you did, and I hope you stick around for the first lot of experiment videos, coming soon! 


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