Hello, I’m Tay, the author of Hivemind Science!
NASA tee picI decided to choose the name ‘Hivemind Science’ because I believe in sharing information, knowledge and interests to build communities. I hope this blog entertains and informs you and that I can learn from your experiences too!

In 2016, I completed a BSc in Human Physiology  with a Year in Industry at the University of Leeds. I then moved to Bristol in September 2016 and am currently on a Masters programme at the University of the West of England, studying Science Communication.

I have a natural curiosity and drive for all things science, communicating the wonders of the world around us in a way that inspires and excites others.  I was first introduced formally to Science Communication during my undergraduate industry year and after the amazing projects I worked on, I knew it was a career path I wanted to follow.

I’m interested in scientific film-making, writing and am hugely passionate about inspiring young girls into STEM careers and subjects.